Join Us Wednesday, July 26th, 2015 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM EST

Converting aggregate supply planning requirements into optimal production schedules remains one of the most daunting challenges for many today’s manufacturers. Companies often struggle to manage multi-stage production environments in a way that balances capacity utilization, inventory, cost, and on-time delivery objectives. The intricate choreography associated with managing production automation, labor, and the necessary changeovers can have a huge impact on a company’s ability to meet its overall demand and achieve its profitability targets. The capacity to translate and align tactical planning requirements into efficient and rational product decisions is the key to eliminate waste, avoid services disruptions, and maximize the output of your investment in planning.

JDA Sequencing helps companies address these needs by translating aggregate-level plans into feasible schedules that satisfy key business objectives like meeting demand, maximizing throughput, and managing inventory costs through a closed-loop planning and execution process. While the JDA Sequencing solution has been around a long time, in too many companies the software is on the shelf or is underutilized and not delivering on the potential it offers.  

Join Spinnaker’s webinar Using JDA Sequencing to Optimize End-to-End Planning and Execution to learn about integrated scheduling case studies using JDA Sequencing and how these solutions drive business value. We’ll also discuss how scheduling fits into the broader planning framework, where JDA Sequencing can drive the most benefits and key learnings from numerous implementations.