To get the most out of your supply chain software, your team needs to be proficient in using it.  Properly trained teams are essential for success in today’s dynamic business climate.Typical training programs are often vanilla, focused solely on only book material and a generic instructional curriculum. This approach rarely enables depth of understanding or inspires end user adoption.

Spinnaker has developed a comprehensive training program customized to fit the needs and requirements of your organization.  The program goes beyond application training to include business process, supply chain theory, and knowledge assessments.

We are sure that your business is not a one-size fits all, so why should you expect your training to be any different?  Spinnaker offers various training programs to fit your business needs, increase Supply Chain effectiveness, and support continuous improvement goals.

Depending on the program selected, Spinnaker’s training approach can provide:

  1. Customized training manuals and content
  2. Training database configured with your data on your systems
  3. Re-usable formats and collateral
  4. Customized user assessments and certifications
  5. Training roadmaps for continuous improvement

Spinnaker offers 4 levels of training to customers based on their needs.  The first training level focuses on application training.  Successive levels incorporate business process, supply chain theory, and student knowledge assessments into the training to ensure students and their organizations are fully proficient to achieve business objectives.

"Spinnaker delivered the customized training approach we were looking for in order to enhance the user adoption and understanding of the JDA toolset within our planning department. From the onset, Spinnaker focused on understanding the people, processes, and business needs of GAF, and tailored a training program around them. We have tried other JDA training firms in the past, but none of them have resulted in the high engagement and overall results we are seeing now.”
Chris Leonard, GAF

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