The importance of organizational design and core competencies are often underestimated when assessing the performance of current supply chain processes or implementing process or technology transformations. We believe that organizational competency is consistently ignored because it is difficult to evaluate and measure. It is always easier to view processes or technology as the culprit as opposed to the organization of people. However, when measuring success by the effectiveness of the solution instead of simply by the implementation of the tool or process, organizational competency must be included as a key factor in the eventual outcome.

Change Management

In order for companies to drive growth and profitability, ‘changes’ must occur to support the needs of the business. These ‘changes’ generally impact how companies plan, manufacture, store, and deliver product and services. Spinnaker’s holistic approach to change management helps companies address resistance to change to ensure successful transformation initiatives. Managing change is highly complex; our offerings are designed to engage the client early and often so they feel ownership and vested in the changes. It is vital to make sure changes are well documented and programs are developed as part of the project to embed the changes as they become part of the client’s eco-system.

Accelerated Organizational Performance (AOP)

Accelerated Organizational Performance (AOP) takes the concepts of Change Management, Training, and Performance Management and combines them into an integrated organizational development program. Many of the organizations that we work with struggle to get the final mix of People, Process and Technology working together in a synchronized fashion that is results oriented.
The AOP framework works forward from an organization’s overall philosophy, strategic goals, and core values and puts them in the context of a “maturity model." This allows companies to define what skills are critical to the success of the supply chain organization over time, rapidly assess where there are gaps in these critical skills, develop a roadmap for filling in these gaps, customize content (role based, technical and concepts) to train employees, and measure the effectiveness of the program.

Some advantages that Accelerated Organizational Performance provides include:  

  • Minimizing the cost and impact of turnover
  • Achieving & measuring supply chain results
  • Creating a “supply chain’ culture within the company
  • Ensuring sustainability of critical processes
  • Reducing training cost per head
  • Improving employee retention          

Training Development & Delivery

Our differentiation in this space is providing role-based, ‘day in the life’ training that mimics our client’s terms, definitions, processes, and technical environment. By targeting key areas of supply chain knowledge required to understand best practices, and bringing the context of the organization’s goals and operating model, we leverage our success with other companies and draw on a vast library of readily customizable content. Spinnaker’s training programs leverage a mixture of standard Spinnaker content on best practices and supply chain concepts combined with customized content based on an individual client’s detailed processes and technology.