Spinnaker’s Supply Chain Assessments and Roadmaps use a focused methodology to quickly evaluate the current state, benchmark supply chain performance versus best practices, and work with your team to develop the right supply chain capability for your business. We deliver a realistic evaluation of your current demand, supply, and inventory planning processes and tools; our Roadmaps lay out a clear explanation of the value that can be achieved and a clear strategy to implement best practices. While we leverage a set of common tools and approaches, the scope of our assessments and roadmaps is customized and focused to the needs of individual clients. Our proven methodology delivers client results through a unique combination of value and speed by focusing on three main objectives:

  1. Understand current supply chain operations and capabilities
  2. Identify the gaps between current supply chain capabilities and best-in-class supply chain performance
  3. Develop a future-state design and improvement roadmap to enable improvements in organizational capabilities, processes, and technology solutions  

Our structured project methodology breaks down these activities into five distinct project phases described in the graphic below, with each phase producing well-defined deliverables that contribute to a clear plan for the required transformation.

The Spinnaker Planning Assessment Methodology helps ensure that we address the core planning activities that have the highest impact on cost, inventory, and customer service. While the scope of an assessment will be determined by company need and priorities, a typical Spinnaker Supply Chain Planning Assessment includes:

  • Sales & Operations Planning / Integrated Business Planning
  • Network Design & Sourcing
  • Demand Planning
  • Capacity Planning
  • Inventory Planning
  • Supply Planning
  • Order Promising              

A Spinnaker Supply Chain Planning Assessment and Roadmap can help make your company’s supply chain a revenue driver. Contact us today to find out how.