Spinnaker’s Supply Chain Design Strategy & Network Design Services

Spinnaker’s Supply Chain Strategy & Network Design Services help clients develop the plan to achieve profitable growth, scalable processes, targeted customer service levels, and operational efficiency. With an experienced team and years of process and technology implementation experience, we help senior leadership develop a pragmatic approach to strategy that involves not just laying out a vision, but also the development of detailed plans to turn that strategy into reality. Through process, technology, and organizational capability improvements, we help our clients design the right supply chain network to meet their business requirements.

We Tackle the Toughest Challenges

While some clients wish to transform into a more responsive demand-driven supply chain, others may be burdened by increasing operating costs and working capital requirements. Whether focused on expanding into new markets, reducing cycle time or increasing margins, Spinnaker helps clients develop a competitive supply chain strategy and network design. We address common challenges such as:

  • The number of necessary warehouses and where they should be located
  • Where and how much inventory should be positioned to balance costs and service objectives
  • How to reduce order response time
  • The risks and impacts of moving to low-cost country sourcing or near-shoring
  • How to manage risk and improve the resilience of the supply chain            

Our strategic analysis includes the evaluation of the physical supply chain design as well as the organizational structure, business processes, and technology used to manage the supply chain.  The success of an organization is heavily dependent on its supply chain effectiveness; the most innovative business strategies can be derailed by a poor supply chain design. Companies today face shortening product life cycles, lengthening global supply chains, increasing product complexity, and rising logistics expenses. Spinnaker leverages deep functional expertise and broad industry experience to help our clients align their supply chain network design and inventory strategy with their business goals in this challenging environment.

Network Design & Optimization Services

Spinnaker’s practical approach to network design blends sophisticated modeling and analysis with creative thinking and years of experience to deliver pragmatic, effective solutions to supply chain challenges.  Spinnaker leverages Supply Chain Guru® by LLamasoft to provide supply chain modeling and optimization services for our clients.  In addition, Spinnaker leverages partnerships with LLamasoft, JDA, and SAP to provide cutting edge modeling solutions.  In addition to these partnerships, our consultants have experience in other network optimization tools such as IBM/Logic-tools, SAP/SmartOps, Oracle SNO, and JDA.    

With Spinnaker leading the way, we shift the focus of your project from technical modeling and programming to understanding your supply chain issues, finding solutions, and developing the strategies to drive world-class performance in your supply chain.