The fundamental objectives of supply chain planning – excellent customer service and a well-managed cost structure – are the same for most organizations.

Yet every enterprise has a unique set of conditions that define the best route to meeting those objectives. To get started in the right direction, decision makers should consider these basic questions:

  • Is the organization centralized or decentralized?
  • Is the supply chain global or regional?
  • Is demand consistent? Are the company’s products seasonal?
  • How are supplies and finished goods shipped – air, sea, rail, truck?
  • Does the enterprise purchase finished goods or control an end-to-end supply chain including manufacturing?
  • Who owns the demand forecast – Sales or Operations?            

Spinnaker consultants answers these questions to define the best planning processes, technologies, policies and metrics to achieve an organization’s business goals

Align and Coordinate Planning with Operations, Sales, & Finance

As a consulting partner with breadth across strategic, process, and technology consulting, Spinnaker provides a full toolset to both design improved Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) and Integrated Business Planning (IBP) strategies and implement the tools and processes required to make these designs a reality.

Our approach uses S&OP and IBP concepts as a framework to manage and coordinate the different planning activities required to run a business. These may combine product roadmap and new product planning, financial planning, long-term supply chain planning, new product introduction, demand management, supply planning, and collaborative planning with customers and suppliers to develop optimized cross-functional plans and quickly resolve demand-supply imbalances and misalignments. To do this, Spinnaker uses a clearly structured S&OP/IBP framework to align key planning activities:

[Click image to enlarge]

We’ve worked with many major corporations to implement or improve their S&OP and IBP processes. In every case, the client has dramatically increased the organization’s ability to manage and control disconnects between supply and demand and improve overall corporate planning.  

Spinnaker’s Supply Chain Planning Implementation Services include:

  • Program / Project Management
  • S&OP / IBP Design & Facilitation
  • Demand / Supply / Inventory Planning Process Rollouts
  • Planning Systems Implementation & Enhancement
  • Solution Audits & Testing
  • Process & System Training