The most innovative supply chain strategies leverage technology to achieve their objectives. In many companies, deciding how to use technology to enable better planning capabilities is a challenging process because internal subject matter experts have a limited knowledge of the solutions on the market and how they can enable better planning.  

Spinnaker’s consultants help clients make good technology decisions by providing services and expertise in key areas including:

  • Supply Chain Technology Roadmaps
  • Software Selection and RFQ/RFP Management Services

Supply Chain Technology Roadmaps

To help clients establish a clear roadmap for supply chain technologies, Spinnaker and a core team of client associates engage in a formal planning process to develop the Supply Chain Technology Roadmap. The approach leverages standard Spinnaker methodologies that are customized to suit the specific functional and organizational requirements of the client.

Spinnaker’s structured process helps clients:

  1. Identify and assess current supply chain capabilities based on industry-focused best practices
  2. Prioritize pain points and capability improvement opportunities
  3. Define key technology initiatives
  4. Create a sequenced roadmap to deploy the technology
  5. Develop buy-in from key stakeholders and executives

Software Selection & RFQ/RFP Management Services

Even with a well-defined roadmap, it is not easy to make sense of all the supply chain software solutions in the market today. Many companies have invested significant time and resources in a software implementation that failed to deliver the projected benefits because it was not the right fit for their business problem. As independent consultants with broad industry experience and a deep understanding of supply chain technology, we can help navigate the landscape of supply chain software selection. Our experienced consultants have worked with a variety of leading vendors across the spectrum of supply chain applications and are focused on helping clients identify the right solution for their unique business needs.  

Spinnaker offers a structured and methodical approach to ensure the vendor selection process is a success. Regardless of an organization’s level of supply chain and technological maturity, Spinnaker can develop a plan and ensure it is implemented successfully. From initial needs assessment through project planning, RFIs/RFPs, scripted demos, vendor evaluation, selection and contracting, implementation, training, and support, Spinnaker guides the client every step of the way.

Our Vendor-Agnostic Perspective

Spinnaker consultants have worked with most leading technology solutions and developed a strong sense of the strengths and weaknesses of each. The Spinnaker team offers years of experience across multiple industries and technologies, allowing us to provide a balanced, vendor-agnostic perspective of leading supply chain software offerings that include:

  • JDA (including Manugistics and i2 Technologies solutions)
  • Oracle/Demantra
  • Kinaxis
  • Logility
  • Adexa
  • Steelwedge
  • LLamasoft          

Contact us today to find out how Spinnaker can help your company leverage supply chain planning to improve results and achieve business goals.