Our experience shows that companies with the most effective supply chain processes develop an organizational model and internal competencies to enable continuous improvement. In an SAP environment, creating an internal Center of Excellence (COE) to help manage strategy as well as process and technology enhancements can improve supply chain capabilities.

Typical responsibilities of a COE include:

  • Project prioritization and approval to ensure the right business issues are addressed
  • Supply chain capability roadmap and strategy facilitation
  • Project governance and oversight
  • Best practices definition and adoption
  • Advanced analytics including statistical, optimization, and simulation capabilities
  • Master data management process ownership and orchestration
  • Reporting and business intelligence strategy and validation support

Building a COE competency from scratch takes time and we often work with clients to both design a COE and launch the COE team by providing interim leadership and resources to run initiatives and train client personnel. During these engagements we help companies develop their supply chain COE structure, competencies, and governance models for enabling continuous improvement and business transformation for the future.