One of the main reasons APO projects fail to go-live as planned is because master data requirements were not clearly defined and data quality issues were addressed too late.  Our Master Data Management strategic services examine your standards, skills, processes, and tools used to manage Master Data so that the required data is available when needed. We provide a clear view of what effective data management and governance looks like and identify opportunities to build data governance processes across business functions.  

We help clients implement structured processes to improve data management maturity across each dimension of:

  • Organizational Roles and Responsibilities
  • Data Management and Governance Processes
  • Technology and Reporting  

Having determined your maturity state relative to industry standards and your goals, we work together to plan and make decisions for the future that include:

  • Defining a common process for operation
  • Evaluating and selecting your best fit organizational option for future management  including selecting and refining each key role required to manage the new process
  • Determining KPI’s to align with the process/goals for your organization
  • Preparing the technology support plan
  • Implementing improved Master Data Management processes to support and enable other critical business initiatives

Working with Spinnaker’s experts, clients quickly develop a structured approach to manage critical data and a clear plan to improve supply chain decision making.