Consumer Product & Food / Beverage companies face a highly competitive landscape. New challenges on traditional supply chain models include intense pressure on profit margins, SKU proliferation, multiple stocking locations, promotion management, and shorter product lifecycles.

Consumer Products

Spinnaker helps clients design and manage high-volume Consumer Product supply chains to get the correct product to the right place in a time and cost-effective manner. Many companies now have unique manufacturing strategies and supply networks that rely on flexibility and postponement. Our experienced team helps our clients design their supply chains and implement the processes and systems needed to manage Consumer Product & Food / Beverage environments.

Food & Beverage

There are a number of critical supply chain issues that Food and Beverage companies face, such as tight regulations, commodity pricing, strict freshness requirements, and date sensitivity. Expanding and changing channels increase the ways customers demand products that meet a variety of needs, including health, taste, and convenience. In addition, private label and store brands create pressure for shelf presence. These issues not only generate both cost pressures that require a responsive supply chain and a lower cost-to-serve model to retain or create a competitive advantage.

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