Spinnaker’s Returns Management Solutions are based on years of experience managing the reverse supply chain and operating returns centers on behalf of our clients. Unlike many other supply chain service providers, we provide higher levels of customer intimacy and focus our efforts on collaborating with our clients. Our returns management solutions are responsive, reliable, and flexible to address the specific challenges of your unique operating environment. We help supply chain managers to streamline processes, efficiently store and manage inventory, optimize inbound and outbound logistics, and take advantage of powerful enabling technologies.  By outsourcing elements of your returns management function, your company can stay focused on the core business objectives.  We leverage our proven skills, experience, and supply chain management capabilities to improve your business performance and increase overall customer satisfaction. Our Returns Management Solutions include:

Returns Center Operations

  • Returns Processing & Disposition Management
  • Warehousing & Fulfillment    
  • Operations Excellence & Continuous Improvement

Beyond the Center

  • Transportation Management
  • Material Planning & Order Execution
  • Customer Care, Warranty & Credit Management

Extended Supply Chain Services

  • Technology Enablement & Enhancement
  • Safety & Quality Management
  • Foreign Trade Zone (Import & Export compliance)
  • Green, Recycle, & Secondary Markets
  • Transition Services                  

Tell us about your returns and reverse logistics challenges, and Spinnaker will contact you to help unlock the value in your returns.