Spinnaker brings a comprehensive set of capabilities, knowledge, and experience to help companies improve their extended supply chain. Clients leverage our cross-industry expertise, skills, and proven methods to increase operational rigor and elevate the performance of their reverse supply chains. Companies turn to Spinnaker for assistance in adopting leading practices, integrating and enhancing supply chain systems, and managing change during critical transitions.  

We combine decades of experience with supply chain capabilities that help clients out-perform their competition by creating more agile, reliable, and cost-efficient reverse supply chains. Spinnaker is comfortable acting as the cultural change agent and driving efforts to increase cross-enterprise collaboration.      

Our Extended supply Chain Services include:

  • Technology Enablement & Enhancement
  • Safety & Quality Management
  • Foreign Trade Zone (Import & Export Compliance)
  • Green, Recycle, & Secondary Market
  • Transition Services

Our supply chain execution solutions bring together customer operations, procurement, production, transportation, and reverse logistics staff with our supply chain improvement experts; we tackle operational, financial, and strategic challenges associated with the reverse supply chain. With Spinnaker this is not a one-time activity, rather it is embedded within our services as part of our relentless commitment to continuous improvement.

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Tell us about your returns and reverse logistics challenges, and Spinnaker will contact you to help unlock the value in your returns.