As changes to the marketplace have increased the awareness and focus on sustainability and green supply chain initiatives, companies are re-thinking how they operate their businesses.  In returns management there are many opportunities to ‘green’ your supply chain, but companies may struggle to identify and then take the actions needed to improve their performance. Spinnaker helps clients to improve supply chain sustainability, and simultaneously deliver tangible business benefits like driving cost reductions or increasing returned product recovery.  

We partner with clients to identify efficiencies and reduce their carbon footprint. To report on these goals, Spinnaker develops supplier scorecards and compiles these metrics into a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility report.    Rooted in your company’s financial performance, Spinnaker can help your business realize the benefits of corporate social responsibility by embedding these concepts within your operations.    

Recycle & Secondary Market

Spinnaker works with clients to intelligently assess the proper disposition channel.  We specialize in managing secondary markets to maximize net recovery, mitigate environmental issues, and protect brand value.  Spinnaker staff identify the optimal secondary market approach for your product based on corporate goals related to finance, brand, and the environment.  Our Recycle & Secondary Market services include:

  • Channel Management (e.g. Direct to Consumer, Business to Business)
  • Program Management
  • Administer & Execute Disposition (e.g. Reverse Auctions, Employee Purchase Programs, Donation Programs)  

We believe in the triple bottom line of people, profits, and the planet; Spinnaker is the ideal partner to help you meet your corporate responsibility goals and environmental initiatives.