With Spinnaker, clients get access to relevant supply chain management experience and knowledge in areas that go beyond merely running a returns center.  Our comprehensive set of services help clients overcome challenges that span across operating locations or reside in functions that affect multiple parts of the supply chain.  These services provide clients with the support they need to resolve problems that go beyond the center and answer the following questions:  

  • How do we deal with unpredictability of demand?  
  • How can we avoid having too much inventory?
  • How can we improve customer responsiveness and satisfaction?  

Success today requires overcoming increasing complexity across an extended supply chain that often includes a company’s internal resources and multiple layers of suppliers.  Our ‘one-team’ approach and collaborative service delivery model help customers optimize transportation, better manage inventory, and differentiate yourself from your competitors with better end-customer experience.  Spinnaker’s services are focused on helping clients solve reoccurring issues in their reverse supply chain by finding ways to drive integration and process standardization both upstream and downstream of the returns center.

We offer services and expertise in the following areas:

  • Transportation Management
  • Material Planning & Order Execution
  • Customer Care, Warranty & Credit Management    

Tell us about your returns and reverse logistics challenges, and Spinnaker will contact you to help unlock the value in your returns.