Offering more than a decade of operational experience, Spinnaker’s Material Planning & Order Execution solutions can help you drive lower inventory costs, improve levels of service, and enhance supplier relationships across your extended supply chain.  For many companies, opportunities still exist to better manage your direct and indirect materials, to strategically source critical components or services from preferred suppliers, and to take steps that reduce supply chain risk.

Material planning and order management activities can be complicated by outdated processes, multiple technology platforms, and a lack of collaboration across organizational silos.  Spinnaker helps clients to simplify the process of tracking customer orders, managing changes within product families, and administering the financial supply chain.  Experience shows that improved planning enables clients to better manage warranty and service inventory, plan for reutilization of products, and maintain enough critical spares to provide support for existing products.  By migrating from reactive to proactive, Spinnaker helps clients balance inventory to avoid ‘stock-outs’ while reducing inventory carrying costs.  We provide an integrated set of services including:  

  • Material Management Process Improvement
  • Sourcing & Procurement (Direct & Indirect Materials)
  • Partner / Vendor Sourcing & Management
  • Order Execution
  • Product Lifecycle Planning (e.g. End-of-Life Planning)    

Tell us about your returns and reverse logistics challenges, and Spinnaker will contact you to help unlock the value in your returns.