While many companies have returns management operations, there is often incremental opportunity to improve operations through increased rigor, discipline, and integration.  Spinnaker can help you unlock more value from your returns and deliver higher levels of performance within your network of returns centers. Our experience and collaborative approach provides a breadth of services, with the agility and speed that you desire.  Unlike a traditional 3PL, with Spinnaker there is no trade-off of quality for speed, or service delivery risk for scale.  Spinnaker’s Returns Center Operations services, from inbound receipt through inspection and processing, are structured to ensure that you are maximizing asset value recovery, while compressing the processing cycle time.

Spinnaker manages your Returns Center Operations to provide more predictability, limit non-value labor costs, and balance available inventory levels against efficiency and customer responsiveness goals. We help our clients to ultimately speed the cash-to-cash cycle by increasing the percent of returned goods that are reused, redeployed, or turned into revenue. Our Returns Center Operations services include:

Tell us about your returns and reverse logistics challenges, and Spinnaker will contact you to help unlock the value in your returns.