Logistics & Transportation Management (DELIVER)

Spinnaker’s logistics, warehousing and distribution solutions are based on years of experience operating these functions on behalf of our clients. Unlike many other supply chain service providers who often have a cookie-cutter solution, we collaborate with our customers to design and execute flexible supply chain solutions that are tailored to address the specific challenges of their unique operating environment.

Our solutions help supply chain managers streamline processes, more efficiently store and move inventory, better manage inbound and outbound logistics, take advantage of enhanced enabling technologies, and eliminate the hassles related to specific functions such as returns processing so they can stay focused on satisfying their customers.


  • Warehousing, Distribution & Fulfillment
    • Dock Management, Receiving, Sorting and Inspection
    • Material Handling, Storage and Fulfillment
    • Shipping & Load Configuration
    • Facilities Management
    • Value-added Services (Assembly, kitting, custom crating, etc.)
  • Transportation Management
    • Transportation Analysis & Opportunity Assessment
    • Transportation Spend Management
    • Carrier Management Support Services
    • Import / Export Compliance
    • Distribution Network Analysis
  • Parcel Audit & Recovery
    • Shipment Audit
    • Automated Web-based Reporting
    • Shipment Optimization

Value & Benefits

  • Innovative approaches to service delivery
  • Flexible solutions tailored to individual needs
  • Improved inbound/outbound logistics
  • Streamlined returns processing
  • Efficient facility design and layout
  • Unlock the value of idle assets