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Spinnaker SCA is a leading supply chain services firm providing End-to-End Supply Chain Strategy, Planning, and Execution Consulting services, based in Boulder, CO. Founded in 2021 through the joining of two top supply chain consulting firms, SCApath LLC and Spinnaker Supply Chain, together Spinnaker SCA provides their customers a broad set of services to enable their clients’ supply chain capabilities. With a combined over 30 years of experience in the supply chain industry, Spinnaker SCA’s services offerings include Supply Chain Design & Strategy, Supply Chain Planning, Omni-Channel Fulfillment, Distribution, and Logistics Management and Change Management consulting services.


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World-class supply chain performance requires setting the right vision, developing capabilities, embracing business practices that optimize demand and supply from planning through execution, and accelerating performance with innovative technology solutions. Spinnaker SCA helps companies identify and implement critical supply chain improvements that drive tangible business results.


Our supply chain consultants have exceptional track records of helping clients drive significant performance improvements in all the key aspects of supply chain management:

Supply chain design takes a fresh look at your physical supply chain and rules and answers the question, “how good could it really be?”

There are important strategies, techniques, and practices in every part of supply chain management.

Supply chains ultimately thrive or deteriorate based on the capabilities, motivation, and clarity of purpose reflected by the people operating them. 

Data drives understanding and decision making in the well-designed supply chain, and analytics is the vehicle for transforming data into insight.

Your supply chain needs the right tools and automation to perform with the speed, productivity, and reliability required for business success.

As a full-service supply chain partner, we provide a balanced, unbiased perspective when it comes to choosing and implementing the right software solutions.

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