Returns Management Solutions

Spinnaker’s Returns Management Solutions are based on years of experience managing the reverse supply chain and operating returns centers on behalf of our clients. Unlike many other supply chain service providers, we provide higher levels of customer intimacy and focus our efforts on collaborating with our clients. Our returns management solutions are responsive, reliable, and flexible to address the specific challenges of your unique operating environment. We help supply chain managers to streamline processes, efficiently store and manage inventory, optimize inbound and outbound logistics, and take advantage of powerful enabling technologies.  By outsourcing elements of your returns management function, your company can stay focused on the core business objectives.  We leverage our proven skills, experience, and supply chain management capabilities to improve your business performance and increase overall customer satisfaction.


Our Returns Management Solutions include:

Beyond the Center

With Spinnaker, clients get access to relevant supply chain management experience and knowledge in areas that go beyond merely running a returns center.  Our comprehensive set of services help clients overcome challenges that span across operating locations or reside in functions that affect multiple parts of the supply chain.  


These services provide clients with the support they need to resolve problems that go beyond the center and answer the following questions:

  • How do we deal with the unpredictability of demand?  

  • How can we avoid having too much inventory?

  • How can we improve customer responsiveness and satisfaction?  


Success today requires overcoming increasing complexity across an extended supply chain that often includes a company’s internal resources and multiple layers of suppliers.  Our ‘one-team’ approach and collaborative service delivery model help customers optimize transportation, better manage inventory, and differentiate yourself from your competitors with better end-customer experience.  Spinnaker’s services are focused on helping clients solve reoccurring issues in their reverse supply chain by finding ways to drive integration and process standardization both upstream and downstream of the returns center.


We offer services and expertise in the following areas:

  • Transportation Management

  • Material Planning & Order Execution

  • Customer Care, Warranty & Credit Management    


Transportation Management

Spinnaker often sees opportunities to optimize our clients’ transportation spend both inbound and outbound. To improve this area of your reverse supply chain, Spinnaker can analyze your spend, manage your carriers, and help you to optimize routing to improve service and reduce costs. Spinnaker acts as an extension of your team to provide an integrated solution for improved transportation management that is flexible, reliable, and cost-effective.

We drive accountability and results to ensure that your carriers are adhering to service levels and contractual terms. Spinnaker can manage returned product load and mode scheduling, streamline routing, and take advantage of opportunities to consolidate your carrier network. We are carrier agnostic; the Spinnaker team always selects the most suitable and cost-effective freight solution for your business and we have a proven track record of working collaboratively with others to deliver higher levels of performance.  


Our service delivery approach leverages years of operational experience to tailor services to your company’s particular needs so you can focus on your core business.


Spinnaker provides transportation management expertise in the following areas:

  • Carrier management

  • Routing & Scheduling  

  • Transportation Planning / Optimization

  • Opportunity Assessments

  • Transportation Sourcing & Spend Management


Material Planning & Order Execution

Offering more than a decade of operational experience, Spinnaker’s Material Planning & Order Execution solutions can help you drive lower inventory costs, improve levels of service, and enhance supplier relationships across your extended supply chain.  For many companies, opportunities still exist to better manage your direct and indirect materials, to strategically source critical components or services from preferred suppliers, and to take steps that reduce supply chain risk.


Material planning and order management activities can be complicated by outdated processes, multiple technology platforms, and a lack of collaboration across organizational silos.  Spinnaker helps clients to simplify the process of tracking customer orders, managing changes within product families, and administering the financial supply chain.  Experience shows that improved planning enables clients to better manage warranty and service inventory, plan for reutilization of products, and maintain enough critical spares to provide support for existing products.  By migrating from reactive to proactive, Spinnaker helps clients balance inventory to avoid ‘stock-outs’ while reducing inventory carrying costs.  


We provide an integrated set of services including:  

  • Material Management Process Improvement

  • Sourcing & Procurement (Direct & Indirect Materials)

  • Partner / Vendor Sourcing & Management

  • Order Execution

  • Product Lifecycle Planning (e.g. End-of-Life Planning)    


Customer Care, Warranty & Credit Management

The Spinnaker team is often entrusted with the critical role of interacting directly with your customers or business partners.  To support this role, we have designed our service delivery model to seamlessly act as an extension of the client’s organization.  Our customer-centric approach helps to ensure that each situation is addressed in a manner that meets the specific customer need, not simply applying a one-size-fits-all approach.


Services in this area aim to improve not only the end-customer experience but also to collect actionable information that powers informed decision-making.  Our solutions strive to speed the cash-to-cash cycle while also maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction. We recognize the importance of this area and therefore regularly measure our service delivery performance using the industry recognized Net Promoter Score (NPS), which has definitively shown that Spinnaker does not sacrifice your customer’s experience for speed or short-term cost savings. We manage the physical, informational, and financial flows related to returned goods throughout the reverse supply chain.


Our services in Customer Care and Warranty & Credit Management include:

  • RMA Processing

  • Warranty Validation & Management

  • Supplier / OEM Recovery

  • Order Management

  • Customer Service