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Spinnaker's Group Vice President George Fowler to Attend JDA FOCUS Connect in Barcelona
Market Leader, Spinnaker, is helping companies achieve value by embracing emerging technologies like JDA Software

Houston, November 1st, 2018 – Spinnaker, the international provider of supply chain strategy, planning, and operational consulting, announced our participation at JDA FOCUS Connect Conference in Barcelona, Spain on November 7th – November 8th 2018.


Rapidly changing business trends are disrupting how businesses operate. Predictability is being replaced with an undeniable level of uncertainty. Supply chain technologies that once relied on models and algorithms, must now embrace it as a part of its regular business. Today’s supply chain software leaders are being challenged to make the stellar leap to embrace the promise of innovative technologies. This includes machine learning, the probabilistic ontology, and prescriptive analytic response to address a new age of supply chain complexity. The evolutionary convergence of traditional heuristics, statistics, simulation, constraint-based optimization, and now machine learning and artificial intelligence is paving the way to address these problems.


Spinnaker has worked with our advanced supply chain clients to incorporate these new techniques into their strategic and tactical business planning solutions to increase plan quality and reduce human effort. Combining proven disciplines from the past with the new capabilities from software partners like JDA, our customers have already begun to unlock the potential of this new solution paradigm. Look for Spinnaker’s Group Vice President of Planning Solutions George Fowler and Principal Consultant Brian Weismann at the conference in Barcelona next week. They will share how Spinnaker is leveraging JDA technology in new and exciting ways to continue to drive business value.


In 2017, Spinnaker’s JDA practice recorded another banner year of significant growth and revenue generation. Spinnaker delivered JDA services in the calendar year to more than 23 of the world’s largest companies and is a leading, full-service planning solutions provider, specializing in integrating supply chain business capability development with JDA technology. Spinnaker’s broader set of services include supply chain strategy, business process re-engineering, organizational change management, and custom supply chain training services. Spinnaker also provides digital transformation services that include managed services of on-premise, JDA Cloud and customer-owned virtual private cloud deployments as well as JDA-focused data governance.