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Spinnaker in Support of Global Remanufacturing Day 2018

Houston, April 12, 2018 – Spinnaker, a leading provider of supply chain consulting and reverse logistics services, is proud to actively support Global Remanufacturing Day 2018 by partnering with several of its clients to highlight the critical importance that remanufacturing plays at work, at home, and across the world.    This year Spinnaker will not only support its client passions but also has decided to engage in multiple ways to show its continued support of this expanding industry and underlying alignment to our core values. 


Spinnaker SVP of Supply Chain and leader of Remanufacturing services, Jeff Jorgenson highlights ”Remanufacturing is as much a concept as it is a practice.  For over a decade, we have been fortunate to work collaboratively with our clients as we further enhance their circular supply chains.  We choose to support those organizations around the world who are using the principles of remanufacturing in unique and beneficial ways.  In celebration of Global Reman Day, we’ll stand proudly alongside our clients and support great organizations like Hippo-Roller who is using recycled & remanufactured products to enhance the lives of those in need.”


Spinnaker, through its employees, client partners, and affiliates,  is pleased to support Hippo-Roller and the tremendous advances it has made towards improving the quality of life of thousands of women and young girls as their journey to transport water continues day after day.  


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