Returns Management Solutions

Spinnaker’s Returns Management Solutions are based on years of experience managing the reverse supply chain and operating returns centers on behalf of our clients. Unlike many other supply chain service providers, we provide higher levels of customer intimacy and focus our efforts on collaborating with our clients. Our returns management solutions are responsive, reliable, and flexible to address the specific challenges of your unique operating environment. We help supply chain managers to streamline processes, efficiently store and manage inventory, optimize inbound and outbound logistics, and take advantage of powerful enabling technologies.  By outsourcing elements of your returns management function, your company can stay focused on the core business objectives.  We leverage our proven skills, experience, and supply chain management capabilities to improve your business performance and increase overall customer satisfaction.

Our Returns Management Solutions include:

Extended Supply Chain Services

Spinnaker brings a comprehensive set of capabilities, knowledge, and experience to help companies improve their extended supply chain. Clients leverage our cross-industry expertise, skills, and proven methods to increase operational rigor and elevate the performance of their reverse supply chains. Companies turn to Spinnaker for assistance in adopting leading practices, integrating and enhancing supply chain systems, and managing change during critical transitions.

We combine decades of experience with supply chain capabilities that help clients outperform their competition by creating more agile, reliable, and cost-efficient reverse supply chains. Spinnaker is comfortable acting as the cultural change agent and driving efforts to increase cross-enterprise collaboration.


Our Extended supply Chain Services include:

  • Technology Enablement & Enhancement

  • Safety & Quality Management

  • Foreign Trade Zone (Import & Export Compliance)

  • Green, Recycle, & Secondary Market

  • Transition Services


Our supply chain execution solutions bring together customer operations, procurement, production, transportation, and reverse logistics staff with our supply chain improvement experts; we tackle operational, financial, and strategic challenges associated with the reverse supply chain. With Spinnaker this is not a one-time activity, rather it is embedded within our services as part of our relentless commitment to continuous improvement.


Technology Enablement & Enhancement

Returned products significantly impact many parts of the business from sales to marketing, to inventory management.  If a returned product is not received or triaged correctly, the sales team has an inaccurate view of available inventory.  The technology platform that supports returns must be integrated with order management, inventory management, financial systems, and business intelligence.


Spinnaker has extensive experience across a variety of warehouse and inventory management systems.  We operate global supply chains using a combination of in-house and client-provided enabling technologies.  Our team has expertise across multiple enabling technology platforms. Spinnaker is tech agnostic and has the flexibility to help you determine how to get the most out of your returns management systems. We not only assess the current state of affairs but more importantly will help you implement your Technology Roadmap and drive improvement efforts for the years ahead.


Our services include Program Management, Solution Design, Software Selection and Implementation, Integration, and finally ongoing Technology Enhancement.  We often work collaboratively with our clients to establish multi-year Technology Roadmaps that prioritize technology related improvement efforts across different functional areas of the reverse supply chain.  

Some specific areas of expertise include:  

  • RF Technology Deployment  

  • Integration with SAP

  • Integration with Oracle

  • Integration with JDA / RedPrairie          


A typical Technology Enablement & Enhancement program focuses on the tools and technology required to address challenges within Warehouse Management, Customer Care, Order Management, Inventory Management, and Financial Systems.  Spinnaker’s technology experts can help you gain real-time visibility to your supply chain, support unique returns management requirements, and empower your team with advanced analytics that improves decision making.  


Sales & Quality Management

Spinnaker is motivated by our long-standing track record of meeting or exceeding client expectations.  We promote a strong safety culture with initiatives like ‘Find-it: Fix-it’ and encourage concepts like “First time Right” which have delivered operational benefits. We’ve found that safety & quality often go hand-in-hand.  In fact, companies that are accustomed to rigorous safety and quality management efforts have a significant competitive advantage from reduced downtime, less product variation, improved service reliability, and higher levels of employee engagement.   Our Safety & Quality programs are reinforced at every opportunity within the Spinnaker service delivery environment.  


Safety: Our sites belong to a Safety Network comprised of dedicated staff with real-world experience and access to an extended group of subject matter experts.  Each facility manages a site-specific safety plan and regularly evaluates the effectiveness of the current program.  We conduct regular safety training with staff and periodically solicit feedback from employees on how to further improve their work environment.  Ensuring a safe and effective workplace is paramount for both Spinnaker and our clients.


Quality Management: Spinnaker’s Quality Management System applies diagnostic discipline, systematic thinking, and transparency to your operations every day.  By focusing on the collection of business processes that affect quality objectives, our clients benefit from the improved predictability of production; they are able to anticipate potential quality issues before they arise and often receive higher end-customer satisfaction ratings.


To ensure the safety and quality efforts are working as intended, we periodically conduct Service Delivery Excellence Audits. These impromptu audits help us to repeatedly deliver industry-leading services in a safe, high quality, and efficient manner.


Foreign Trade Zone (Import & Export Compliance)

Duty rates, customs clearance, and entry processes differ for each country.  In recent years, customs and security initiatives have imposed new regulations on companies that make it more difficult to trade internationally. Tariff classifications, value declaration, and duty management can create confusion and may cost your company more than necessary.  Spinnaker can assess your import/export options and help turn your international trade into a competitive advantage.  We have access to market-leading customs brokerage services and Free Trade Zone operations expertise.


Working closely with the U.S. and international government agencies, Spinnaker understands the regulations and laws that govern international trade. We maintain a keen focus on compliance management and regulatory mandates to reduce the costs of non-compliance and minimize cargo delays due to customs regulations.


Value & Benefits

  • Duty Deferral

  • Avoid Customs Broker Fees and Merchandise Processing Fees

  • Improve Supply Chain Efficiencies

  • Support for Customs Compliance and Cargo Security Efforts

  • Reduce / Eliminate Duty Drawback process


Green, Recycle, & Secondary Market

Green: As changes to the marketplace have increased the awareness and focus on sustainability and green supply chain initiatives, companies are re-thinking how they operate their businesses.  In returns management, there are many opportunities to ‘green’ your supply chain, but companies may struggle to identify and then take the actions needed to improve their performance. Spinnaker helps clients to improve supply chain sustainability, and simultaneously deliver tangible business benefits like driving cost reductions or increasing returned product recovery.  


We partner with clients to identify efficiencies and reduce their carbon footprint. To report on these goals, Spinnaker develops supplier scorecards and compiles these metrics into a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility report.    Rooted in your company’s financial performance, Spinnaker can help your business realize the benefits of corporate social responsibility by embedding these concepts within your operations.


Recycle & Secondary Market: Spinnaker works with clients to intelligently assess the proper disposition channel.  We specialize in managing secondary markets to maximize net recovery, mitigate environmental issues, and protect brand value.  Spinnaker staff identifies the optimal secondary market approach for your product based on corporate goals related to finance, brand, and the environment.  


Our Recycle & Secondary Market services include:

  • Channel Management (e.g. Direct to Consumer, Business to Business)

  • Program Management

  • Administer & Execute Disposition (e.g. Reverse Auctions, Employee Purchase Programs, Donation Programs)


Transition Services

Spinnaker is an experienced partner who can assist clients in managing operational transitions and executing supply chain transformation programs. Companies recognize that there is significant risk associated with the implementation stage of supply chain transformation programs.  We help our clients to plan and manage the critical steps associated with executing this kind of change.

Spinnaker understands how to effectively move complex operations, transition service delivery to a different provider, or help a client to execute a fundamental shift in their supply chain operating model.  Our Transitions Services include:


Our Transitions Services include:

  • Program Management

  • Change Management & Communications

  • Organizational Design & People Transfer

  • Business Process Re-design

  • Facility Design & Configuration

  • Reverse Supply Chain Network Optimization

  • Readiness Review