Logistics & Transportation Management

Transportation Management involves all aspects of delivering goods to both stores for replenishment as well as to the end-consumer. Below are key modules that support the transportation and delivery to the consumer and stores.

Transportation Planning

Realize the lowest shipments costs through consolidating orders by size, weight and cube and selecting the best mode and carry carrier based on rate, availability and service level.

Transportation Procurement

Procurement solutions for requesting, evaluating and contracting capacity and rates with carriers in shipping lanes across all modes.

Transportation Execution

Achieve a close-to “hands-free” execution process by automating the tender, confirmation and tracking processes using exception management.

Supply Chain Visibility

Track parts, components or products in transit from the manufacturer to the final destination in near real-time at a detailed (component) level.

Audit, Payment & Claims

A centralized system for matching carrier invoices to the system rates, initiating automatic payments and filing claims for shortages, damages and discrepancies.

Last Mile Delivery

Delivery fulfillment from a distribution center or facility to the end-user. Most often, last mile logistics involves the use of small parcel or specialized white glove delivery service to the end consumers.