Omnichannel / Order Management

Spinnaker SCA helps companies define the strategies and implement the systems to enable omnichannel commerce and order management across complex networks. Key omnichannel capabilities we help enable include:

Payments & Financials

Omnichannel payment services allow cross-channel, frictionless, and seamless processing through the order lifecycle.

Customer Support

Improve customer interactions across multiple touchpoints during the time of sale and throughout the customer lifecycle.

Store Fulfillment

Store Order Fulfillment solutions allow store associates to prepare orders for pickup, shipping or return across multiple channels.

Order Routing

Smart, cost-based order routing systems that analyze historical and real-time data enhancing the ability to accurately and consistently fill orders.

Inventory Availability

Order fulfillment solutions with deep capabilities around inventory protection, future inventory tracking and virtual segmentation across multiple channels.

Returns & Exchanges

A centralized view of all returns & exchanges allows customer support associates in call center and store to provide frictionless post purchase support to the customer.