Coe Enablement.

Does your company have a Supply Chain Design Center of Excellence (CoE) or are you planning on building one?

How Supply Chain Design CoE’s are Different

The practice of building a CoE is common in many business functions. In most applications, a CoE is taking an on-going business process and making it more robust by improving the design of the process, technology capabilities, organizational skills and capabilities, and methodologies. Using CoEs to drive continuous improvement in critical business processes can drive tremendous business value but usually the CoE doesn’t do the work – they enable the broader organization to perform better.

Supply Chain Design work is different. Traditionally, Supply Chain Design is primarily a project driven exercise. The transition of project based work to a CoE presents unique challenges. In our experience, a lot of Supply Chain Design CoE’s are a CoE by name only. In reality, it is just a few people doing projects independently under the name of a CoE without building any additional infrastructure. When those people move on to new roles, the CoE falls apart. In this Executive Briefing, we will discuss what is needed to create a CoE that transitions Supply Chain Design from a project-based activity to a true business process capability in your organization.

Differences Between a Supply Chain Design Project and an effective Supply Chain Design CoE

Running an effective Supply Chain Design CoE differs from running an effective project in 3 main buckets: infrastructure, compelling events, and scope.

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