Keep your Jda Solution shipshape.

You’ve successfully launched a best-in-class planning solution — how will you make sure it stays seaworthy?

You invested millions in license and implementation costs to construct that industry-leading solution with promises to deliver a huge ROI. But those benefits require you to continue to care for it — who’s on the hook to ensure that it remains in operational order? That dedicated team of managers, analysts, developers, and SMEs who successfully deployed your solution has moved onto the next project, so who will stick around to keep your JDA system, whether on-premise or hosted, in shipshape condition?

Are you stuck in a whirlpool?

Have you ever had that sinking feeling that your key business users with “day jobs” — the ones that you depend on to keep the business running — are left to steer the ship alone when it comes to keeping the system up? Or, just as dismaying, people lacking sufficient knowledge about how your business uses the system are finding themselves in over their heads when issues pop up.

Whether it’s outright system outages, impaired data loads, aborted jobs/processes, slow performance, or the need to triage a defect; it is imperative that someone who thoroughly understands the technology is there to keep operations in tip-top shape. Equally important are staff with the requisite know-how to proactively monitor the complete solution landscape, to anticipate potential obstacles such as data processing errors and unexpected data proliferation that can jeopardize your supply chain system response.

It’s Full Steam Ahead for your planning solution

Spinnaker’s JDA Managed Support services provides a comprehensive portfolio of services designed to keep your solutions afloat. Spinnaker’s Support Staff are experts in strategic infrastructure design, deployment, and the JDA Application suite. Our team integrates seamlessly into your operations support to offer clear sailing when it comes to the care and maintenance of your JDA solution.

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