Set Sail with the Right Technical Architecture Strategy.

Challenges in the Supply Chain Ocean.

Like the ocean, supply chains are never static. Even in the calmest seas underlying strong currents can quickly steer the most seaworthy vessels off course. Supply Chains are no different. The need to remain competitive forces many of today’s leading companies to navigate uncharted waters to stay ahead of market forces. Whether it’s the need to pilot your way through new business acquisitions, take on the cargo of significant data proliferation, or just coordinate the various directional and early warning planning systems that your corporation leverages to keep you on course, the right technical architecture is a fundamental necessity to meet your company’s ever-growing need for stability and flexibility.

Staying Afloat in Troubled Waters

In the supply chain world, IT teams are frequently pressured to deliver highly complex planning systems in incredibly short timeframes with little time to consider the impact that the business process decisions will have on the overall technical architecture. The constant rush to get the business processes enabled without the proper due diligence to consider all the technical implications is synonymous with taking on the vast ocean in a dingy. While it can be done, failure to consider all your needs along the way can prove to be a titanic mistake. Whether you’re performing a new “Greenfield” implementation or the upgrade of an existing solution having a well-defined and comprehensive technology strategy is the key to building a robust, stable, scalable, and highly integrated solution.

Making the right decisions surrounding topics such as Backup & Recovery Strategy, Change Control Process, Cloud vs On Premise, Data Governance, Data Integration Strategy, Data Retention Strategy, Documentation Retention, Fail Over, Hardware Size and Usage, Monitoring Tool Requirements, Operational Support, Process Scheduling and Security are all vital to ensure that your company stay afloat. Also, having the well-trained personnel and operating procedures that are practiced and perfected long before your company embarks to take on the open sea, are equally important to your company’s survival.

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