Project & Change Management

Spinnaker SCA works with clients to transform supply chain capabilities through structured program and project management and by deploying change management and training services. Our goal is to help organizations successfully migrate to new ways of working. 

Spinnaker SCA Project and Organizational Change Management services fall in the following areas:

Program and Project Management
Frequently, organizations look at program and project management as limited to the planning and organizing of tasks necessary to complete an initiative. It can be challenging for organizations where there is little implementation experience to ensure those tasks are fully identified, recognizing risk and managing through issues.

Spinnaker SCA PMs combine a deep knowledge of supply chain operations, the technology we implement, and where those things intersect to provide robust project management beyond ordinary task management. Leveraging our experience, we are able to support a broader approach to project management that includes client education, client task definition, integrated project plans, and the ability to identify and mitigate areas of risk.  

Organizational Change Management (OCM)
Change is hard and typically results in negative reactions and resistance. The four integrated components of Spinnaker SCA’s OCM Framework are designed to identify and mitigate resistance and pave a path toward a commitment to and adoption of change brought about by your business transformation. Our OCM approach is disciplined and proactive to anticipate a collective organizational response to change and manage it accordingly.

Organizational Alignment and Readiness 
Spinnaker SCA’s approach to organizational alignment and readiness positions leaders to champion the change and prepares stakeholders for the future

Organizational Design
Our approach to organizational design is flexible enough to be used for strategic organization transformations as well as tactical projects such as technology implementations. The approach addresses individual business needs and provides a solution tailored to each business unit or operating entity undergoing change

Training and Organizational Enablement
Our approach includes a strategy and plan designed in collaboration with the solution training team to prepare individual stakeholders to perform their jobs and enable the organization to thrive in the future state.

Spinnaker SCA ‘s strategy and plan define the approach to establishing and maintaining structured communication with stakeholders via preferred communication vehicles at appropriate times. 





Training and Organizational Development
Independent of the training and organizational enablement component of our OCM framework, Spinnaker SCA offers comprehensive, strategic and cost-effective training solutions using a framework that is efficiently tailored for specific organizational needs or groups.  Our programs leverage a mixture of standard Spinnaker SCA content based on best practices and supply chain concepts combined with customized content based on an individual client’s detailed processes and technology.

A vital benefit to our training approach is that we address the “how I do my job” part that traditional application training misses. Our differentiation in this space is providing role-based, day-in-the-life training that mimics our client’s terms, definitions, processes, and technical environment. By targeting key areas of supply chain knowledge required to understand best practices and bringing the context of the organization’s goals and operating model, we leverage our success with other companies and draw on a vast library of readily customizable content.

Our services cover the full range of supply chain planning application modules and span from introductory orientation and end-user capability development to strategic functional and performance optimization. Spinnaker SCA’s training services are seamlessly integrated within our organizational change management framework and address the full range of user and stakeholder adoption and capability needs for exemplary results. 

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