Returns Management Solutions

Spinnaker’s Returns Management Solutions are based on years of experience managing the reverse supply chain and operating returns centers on behalf of our clients. Unlike many other supply chain service providers, we provide higher levels of customer intimacy and focus our efforts on collaborating with our clients. Our returns management solutions are responsive, reliable, and flexible to address the specific challenges of your unique operating environment. We help supply chain managers to streamline processes, efficiently store and manage inventory, optimize inbound and outbound logistics, and take advantage of powerful enabling technologies.  By outsourcing elements of your returns management function, your company can stay focused on the core business objectives.  We leverage our proven skills, experience, and supply chain management capabilities to improve your business performance and increase overall customer satisfaction.


Our Returns Management Solutions include:

Return Center Operations

While many companies have returns management operations, there is often incremental opportunity to improve operations through increased rigor, discipline, and integration.  Spinnaker can help you unlock more value from your returns and deliver higher levels of performance within your network of returns centers. Our experience and collaborative approach provide a breadth of services, with the agility and speed that you desire.  Unlike a traditional 3PL, with Spinnaker, there is no trade-off of quality for speed, or service delivery risk for scale.  Spinnaker’s Returns Center Operations services, from inbound receipt through inspection and processing, are structured to ensure that you are maximizing asset value recovery while compressing the processing cycle time.


Spinnaker manages your Returns Center Operations to provide more predictability, limit non-value labor costs, and balance available inventory levels against efficiency and customer responsiveness goals. We help our clients to ultimately speed the cash-to-cash cycle by increasing the percent of returned goods that are reused, redeployed, or turned into revenue. Our Services Include:


Returns Processing & Disposition Management

Spinnaker’s Returns Processing & Disposition Management services maximize your asset value recovery and give your returned goods a potential second or even third life. The intelligent management of returned goods may include capabilities to rapidly redeploy the product ‘as-is,’ selectively repair components, or remanufacture to a ‘like new’ condition. Returns management processes should leverage data to drive decisions and determine how to best handle the product to maximize profit contribution. Businesses that utilize robust returns processes that support a variety of disposition strategies can reduce costs, comply with a critical chain of custody requirements, and even create incremental revenue by driving more residual value out of returned assets.      


Our integrated approach helps clients move the disposition decision point closer to the source; we take advantage of product-specific routing that speeds processing and drives higher levels of collaboration to increase staff productivity. Spinnaker’s data-driven methodology helps our clients to compress their disposition cycle-times, control labor costs, and scale operations at speed.


Spinnaker’s Returns Processing & Disposition Management services include:

  • Screening - Spinnaker’s initial product disposition process that may include visual inspection or mechanical testing.

  • Inspect / Test / Quality Assessments - A multi-stage approach combines visual inspection, physical assessment, and other tactics like weight-based checkpoints.

  • Intelligent Sort and Segregation - Make informed decisions about how best to process returned product based on current demand and the cost to conduct repair services.

  • Remanufacture / Refurbish / Repair - Manage the refurbishment or reconditioning of products, provide disassembly services, harvest for parts, or re-label & remarket for sale.  

  • Asset recovery - Forecast inbound parts, triage their condition and quickly segregate them for further processing or disposition.

  • Recycle - Sort and consolidate materials properly to get the best return from downstream approved vendors.

  • Certify or "Upcycle"- Collaborate with clients and OEM/ODMs to ensure that equipment receives a full manufacturer’s certification indicating a mandatory level of quality and performance standards.          


Warehousing & Fulfillment

The warehouse and fulfillment space is often ripe with cost savings gained through process improvement efforts and material flow efficiencies within the center. Spinnaker delivers value in all aspects of the warehousing and fulfillment functions -- from optimizing facility layout and material flow to driving integration across functional areas and improving collaboration amongst staff members.  Our approach leverages people, process, and technology to better control costs, increase flexibility, the scale at speed, and enhance quality control.

Spinnaker partners with clients to deliver solutions that are tailored to each unique operating environment. As a single point of contact across your upstream and downstream relationships, we help to drive greater visibility across the extended supply chain. Spinnaker’s clients benefit from improvements in areas such as labor utilization, postponement strategies, and superior inventory management. We drive tangible savings in both time and money - whether we are managing your returns operations in our center, or within yours.


Our Warehousing & Fulfillment services include:

  • Facility Layout & Design

  • Inventory Management

  • Material Handling

  • Pick / Pack / Ship

  • Value-added Services


Operations Excellence & Continuous Improvement

Spinnaker has completed hundreds of continuous improvement projects for our customers, generating millions in incremental value.  Continuous Improvement programs are the cornerstone of how Spinnaker sustains value within returns center operations.  We apply industry-leading practices like 5-S, LEAN, Six Sigma, and Kaizen; a typical Operations Excellence service improvement focuses on progressing the Current State toward the desired Future State through interviews, Key Performance Indicator (KPI) development, and comparison to leading practices.  

By regularly measuring operating performance and constantly challenging the status quo, staff identifies opportunities to improve processes, enhance enabling technology, and align organizational roles/responsibilities.  A culture of continuous improvement promotes cross-functional collaboration, creates urgency to outperform client expectations, and drives clear accountability for action. Spinnaker’s Continuous Improvement services include:

  • LEAN / Six Sigma programs

  • Value Stream Mapping

  • Safety & Quality Management

  • Multi-tier Governance Model

  • Service, Contracts, & Financial Management

  • Business Intelligence, Analysis, & Reporting