Supply Chain Design & Analytics

Spinnaker SCA helps companies optimize structural and tactical supply chain decisions across the end-to-end supply chain network with robust modeling and scenario analysis.

Growth Scenario Analysis, New Facility Location & Sizing

Define the right supply chain network to meet demand growth balancing manufacturing, distribution, procurement, inventory and transportation costs with service and demand growth objectives.

Landed Cost Optimization

Understand and optimize the full landed cost to satisfy demand including procurement and materials, production, distribution handling, and transportation cost drivers and associated trade-offs.

Optimize Product Flow in the Current Footprint

Find savings in your current supply chain network by optimizing customer assignments, interfacility transfers, and sourcing decisions to better match demand and supply.

Make vs. Buy Analysis

Determine the correct blend of insourced vs outsourced production in your supply chain based on the full landed cost and capacity investment trade-offs.  

Merger and Acquisitions

Blend newly acquired companies into your supply chain to achieve the best cost and service footprint for the combined organization.

Inventory Strategy Optimization

Evaluate the cost and service of different inventory strategies and determine the correct approach for different product segments within your business.