Supply Chain Planning

Improving business decision-making across strategic, tactical, and executional horizons is the key to translating business objectives into operational results. Below are key processes that support the integrated planning process. 

Integrated Business Planning / Sales & Operations Planning

Integrated Business Planning/Sales & Operations Planning evaluates demand and supply plans alongside strategic plans, financial plans, and capital plans to enable improved business decision-making.

Demand Planning & Forecasting

Demand planning combines quantitative and qualitative inputs - both top-down and bottom-up and inside/outside of an organization - to predict future demand.

Inventory Planning & Optimization

Optimizing inventory levels across the supply chain balances customer service, cost, and lead-time objectives in a structured repeatable way. 

Supply Network Planning

Developing production, replenishment, and purchasing plans that are capacity and supply feasible across the network and aligned with business priorities is the core process within supply chain planning.

Production Scheduling

Translating weekly or daily bucketed supply plans into sequenced and executable production schedules ensures an effective planning to execution hand-off.

Customer and Supplier Collaboration

Coordinating with customers and/or suppliers on anticipated demand across the network creates win-win situations to improve overall supply chain performance.