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Spinnaker Chooses LLamasoft’s Supply Chain Guru® Software to Power its Supply Chain Analysis and Design Services
Supply Chain Veteran Adds Value to Network & Inventory Optimization Solutions through Partnership

Denver, Colorado, September 29, 2010 – Spinnaker, a global leader in supply chain consulting and execution services, announced today that is has chosen LLamasoft’s Supply Chain Guru® software as the platform to provide advanced supply chain strategy and design services including network design and inventory optimization.


“In surveying the market for network design and inventory optimization solutions, LLamasoft offered some unique advantages. They were the only technology we evaluated that combined network optimization, inventory optimization and simulation into a single data structure and interface,” Michael Detampel, Transportation and Logistics Practice Lead at Spinnaker stated. “Their ability to quickly load data, create scenarios, and access external data sources without recreating them provides our team superior ease-of-use when using this technology for our supply chain engagements,” Detampel continued.

Spinnaker’s supply chain services help clients design, analyze and implement fully optimized supply chain network and inventory solutions with the goal of minimizing costs and maximizing profits. The Supply Chain Guru software will allow Spinnaker consultants to analyze data faster to provide clients custom-built solutions to these common supply chain challenges:


  • What is the optimal number and locations of warehouses for my company?

  • How do I develop optimized sourcing strategies or evaluate capacity constraints for my materials?

  • Where in my supply chain should I stock inventory and how much?

  • What are the demand variability and lead time variability concerns as they relate to my inventory stocking strategy?

 A key driver for the decision to utilize the Supply Chain Guru software was the overall usability and speed-to-model creation it provides. This allows Spinnaker consultants to spend less time building supply chain models and more time analyzing outputs and working with clients to develop effective supply chain strategies.

“We are delighted to add Spinnaker to our partnership team, and look forward to numerous successful joint engagements,” said John Ames, Director of Alliances at LLamasoft. Ames continued, “Spinnaker’s partnership-based approach to delivering supply chain excellence and understanding of best-in-class supply chain practices complement our drive to lead the supply chain design space for years to come.”

About LLamasoft

LLamasoft provides software and expertise to design and improve supply chain network operations. Supply Chain Guru™ is the leading supply chain strategic planning application available in the market today. It enables companies to model their end-to-end supply chain and identify strategies to optimize profitability and service, and to achieve the lowest total cost to serve customers. For more information, visit or contact