Technology Powers the
Supply Chain

Your supply chain needs the right tools and automation to perform with the speed, productivity, and reliability required for business success. Spinnaker is a leader in every phase of the technology lifecycle, from platform decisions to impactful business adoption and durability. We have developed a comprehensive, end-to-end methodology that we use to drive excellence in technology usage by focusing on all the key factors driving true results:


Our “5 Lenses” scope means that we address critical success factors others leave unresolved. The span of our methodology keeps business objectives in clear focus at every step and promotes early identification and accommodation of essential capabilities for the lowest overall lifetime cost.

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Technology Assessments & Solution Optimization

Strategy &
Vendor Selection

& Upgrades

Technology Support Services

Technology Assessments & Solution Optimization

Companies frequently have reason to be less than satisfied with the performance and value added of what is commonly a sizable existing technology investment. Tools may be nominally in place but were not configured thoughtfully for either business impact or system throughput and performance. It is sometimes true that prior technology or architecture decisions did not address key business needs or scenarios.


Our expert consultants translate your functional goals and priorities into specific solution assessment and root cause analyses to define changes that will improve business process performance, system scalability and reliability, user experience, and business continuity. Our deep understanding of both supply chain management and supporting technology lets us deliver key insights wherever performance concerns may be. Once there is concurrence on outcomes and a path forward is defined, Spinnaker offers comprehensive solutions to help you apply learnings to technology improvements and redefined architectures. Where the underlying platform is to be preserved but revised, we refine your systems to improve execution while our teams’ functional and technical resources help you establish internal ability to maintain, troubleshoot, and resolve issues quickly.


Often combining business process re-alignment with system adaptations, Spinnaker helps clients leverage their applications better, yielding step-function improvements in business adoption and effective system performance. We are constantly mindful attentive to stability, fault tolerance, and solution recoverability, assuring a viable platform for continued solution growth while keeping the overall cost of ownership low.


Our services include technology tuning and optimization for:

  • Sales & Operations Planning / Integrated Business Planning

  • Network Design & Sourcing

  • Demand Planning & Classification

  • Capacity Planning

  • Inventory Planning, Policies, and Optimization

  • Supply Planning

  • Order Promising

  • Manufacturing Planning

  • Warehouse Planning

  • Application Performance

  • Operational KPI & SLA Metrics Definition

Technology Strategy And Vendor Selection

All innovative supply chain strategies leverage technology to achieve their objectives. In many companies, deciding how to use technology to enable better planning capabilities is a challenging process because internal subject matter experts have a limited knowledge of the solutions on the market and how they can enable better planning. It is not easy to make sense of all the supply chain software solutions in the market today.

Spinnaker maintains an in-depth knowledge of the overall market, emerging trends, and genuine vendor capabilities. We combine that with our ability to develop shrewd insights into our clients’ key supply chain success drivers to offer high-value technology strategic advisory and assistance with technology vendor decisions. As independent consultants with broad industry experience and a deep understanding of supply chain technology, we can help navigate the landscape of supply chain software selection. Our sourcing process ensures key requirements aren’t averaged out by a cloud of miscellany, and we communicate requirements in a fashion that both allows and forces candidate suppliers to put their best foot forward. From initial needs assessment through project planning, RFIs/RFPs, scripted demos, vendor evaluation, selection and contracting, implementation, training, and support, Spinnaker guides the client every step of the way.

Spinnaker’s structured process helps clients:

  • Identify and assess current supply chain capabilities based on industry-focused best practices

  • Prioritize pain points and capability improvement opportunities

  • Define key technology initiatives

  • Create a sequenced roadmap to deploy the technology

  • Develop buy-in from key stakeholders and executives


Spinnaker brings a knowledgeable but vendor-agnostic perspective—our consultants have worked with most leading technology solutions and developed a strong sense of the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Spinnaker teams offer years of experience across multiple industries and technologies, delivering a balanced view of leading supply chain software offerings including:

  • Blue Yonder / JDA (including legacy Manugistics and i2 solutions)

  • SAP SCM and IBP

  • Oracle/Demantra

  • Kinaxis

  • Logility

  • Adexa

  • Steelwedge/E2Open

  • LLamasoft

  • o9

  • OMP

  • ToolsGroup

Implementations & Upgrades

Spinnaker helps clients effectively implement and upgrade supply chain management technology solutions that are strongly aligned with your industry, market dynamics, and specific operating goals. Spinnaker brings deep vertical expertise, having worked with large and small companies in industries such as Consumer Products & Food / Beverage, Retail & Apparel, Medical & Pharmaceutical, High-Tech & Telecommunications, Chemical & Energy, Consumer Electronics, and Industrial Manufacturing & Distribution. Our team delivering your technology solution is strongly focused on solid integration with your end-to-end supply chain system and process landscape. We work resolutely to ensure your environment includes the right modules and is at the right release levels to give you the functionality and reliability you require.


  • Proven Implementation & Upgrade Delivery Methodology

  • Functional & Technical Configuration

  • Global Solution Deployment & End-to-End Systems Integration

  • Custom Batch Script & Data Integration Development

  • Ultra High Volume, High Availability & High-Performance Solution Deployment


Our implementation methodology mitigates risk and keeps your company’s strategic operations running. Our goal is to achieve real business transformation, not just a simple technology go-live:


  • Clear alignment of strategic objectives and required business capabilities with implementation activities

  • Business Scenarios and Iterative Prototyping techniques to capture supply chain planning requirements and model “a day in the life” scenarios

  • A toolkit of templates to jump-start the delivery process

  • A systematic approach with specific milestones, dependencies, and deliverables to ensure implementation success

  • Change Management and Training Methodology embedded during business preparation activities

Technology Support Services

The Spinnaker delivery model provides a natural progression from highly strategic to operational services, ensuring that your supply chain performance meets and scales to your dynamic business objectives. We operate and maintain your solution to achieve maximum savings; our consultant team knows common pitfalls to avoid and trends in your industry to leverage your Blue Yonder / JDA solution.


Having a Blue Yonder / JDA solution that is stable and high-performing is critical to the success of your business. Our consultant's triage system-related issues that arise from product defects, poor data, or lack of user understanding. In addition, we provide managed service support for your existing infrastructure as well as system enhancements to evolve your solution.

A key differentiator is our team’s experience both tuning and supporting high volumes post-implementation. Our team realigns and closes gaps related to your people, processes, and technologies to match your dynamic business objectives until you transition to your next release or upgrade.

  • Managed Services & Support

  • Hardware and Software Application Support

  • System Performance Optimization, Tuning, & Stabilization

  • Application & System Issue Triage & Resolution

  • Custom Solution Enhancement Development

  • Patch Release Management & Installation

  • Proprietary Performance Monitoring Application


Spinnaker can keep your implementation running at top performance after implementation is done. Ongoing support, patches, system monitoring and tuning, etc.