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Spinnaker SCA and T-Mobile: Delivering Omni-Channel Supply Chain Capability

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Spinnaker SCA is a leader in identifying, designing, and implementing supply chain solutions that enable omnichannel commerce. Our deep expertise connects supply chain strategy with the technology - OMS, WMS, & TMS - required to deliver a seamless, omnichannel customer experience.


T-Mobile: Enhancing CX with Digital Supply

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Interview with Spinnaker SCA CEO, Evan McCaig and BizClick Media Group

architecture perspectives - and developing their 5G network supply chain. It's a perfect example of Spinnaker SCA's cross-discipline supply chain expertise, and value of bringing order management, fulfilment, and transportation together to build advanced supply chain capability.


The IoT, enabled by 5G, will allow more real-time track and trace and increased visibility from the manufacturer to the end customer enabling more agility than ever before. So, T-Mobile, indirectly, is going to be instrumental in supply chain innovation that we're going to see in the next five to 10 years.


In today's complex supply chain and technology environment, you really must understand the trade-offs between speed, cost, quality and agility. It's critical you understand those relationships to deliver an omnichannel supply chain capability.


The ability to tie together supply chain operations and technology is not only what makes Spinnaker SCA different but it's also a necessity for future commerce - and that's the reason why we're so bullish and excited about the future." 

"We've been working with T-Mobile's supply chain consulting partner for the last four years, working across multiple supply chain initiatives. The most well-known is the T-Mobile sprint merger, and T-Mobile 5G network, which is extremely important to the development of IoT and really the supply chain of the future.

Our team of supply chain experts have worked hard to deliver a seamless customer experience, so you can go into a T-Mobile store and buy or return Sprint inventory, and vice-versa. We've also deployed a highly automated multi-channel distribution center solution for all US mobile devices and accessory fulfilment. We're currently modernizing their 5G supply chain to drive their network nationwide.

We're extremely grateful to have been chosen by the T-Mobile team to optimize their supply chain and support their focus on delivering 5G capability. 

When I think about our continued partnership with T-Mobile, it's really about two key strategic elements: Supporting their business as they move to a fully digital supply chain platform - from customer experience and enterprise

"Spinnaker SCA has become a very trusted advisor. They've been transformative in changing our relationship with our business partners".
Erik LaValle, Digital Supply Chain Technology Leader, T-Mobile

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