Technology Adoption & Implementation

Spinnaker SCA is a full-service systems integrator for leading supply chain technologies. We take a holistic view of supply chain technology across decision support and execution systems supporting Planning, Distribution and Warehouse Management, Transportation Management, and Omnichannel/Order Management capabilities.


Spinnaker SCA Supply Chain Technology Adoption and Implementation projects fall in the following areas:

Technology Strategy, Roadmaps, and Evaluation

Most innovative supply chain strategies leverage technology to achieve their objectives. In many companies, deciding how to use technology to enable better supply chain capabilities is a challenging process because internal subject matter experts have a limited knowledge of the solutions on the market and how they can enable the supply chain. 

Spinnaker SCA consultants have in-depth knowledge of the overall market, emerging trends, and genuine vendor capabilities. We combine that with our ability to develop shrewd insights into our clients’ key supply chain success drivers to offer high-value technology strategic advisory and assistance with technology vendor decisions. 

As independent consultants with broad industry experience and a deep understanding of supply chain technology, we take a vendor agnostic approach to helping clients navigate the landscape of supply chain technology and software selection and have helped dozens of companies through this journey.



Systems Implementations, Upgrades, and Optimization

Spinnaker SCA’s systems implementation consultants deliver a holistic set of services from an initial business case creation to the system cutover.  Spinnaker SCA’s implementation methodology mitigates risk and delivers advanced supply chain solutions. Whether your company is implementing a new solution or upgrading critical modules, our team builds your solution to enable your supply chain capability requirements.  We are experts in supply chain and our holistic solutions reap business results long after go-live.

Spinnaker SCA’s consultants are deeply skilled in new systems implementation, major upgrades, or helping optimize existing supply chain systems.   As our consultants complete these initiatives, we use a toolset of standardized System Implementation techniques that include:

  • Program and Project Management

  • Proven Methodology & Templates

  • Policy & Process Optimization

  • Functional & Technical Configuration

  • Master Data Management Strategy

  • End-to-End Systems Integration

  • End-User Adoption and Training


Key highlights of our Implementation Approach include:

  • Clear alignment of strategic objectives and required business capabilities with implementation activities

  • Business Scenarios and Iterative Prototyping techniques to capture supply chain planning requirements and model “a day in the life” scenarios

  • Toolkit of templates to jump start the delivery process

  • Systematic approach with specific milestones, dependencies, and deliverables to ensure implementation success

  • Change Management and Training Methodology embedded during business preparation activities

Data Governance & Data Quality Management

Supply chain systems are only as good as the data they are working with. “Data issues” and Organizational Change Management are the two major reasons why supply chain projects - especially those involving technology adoption -  struggle. Supply chain systems set a high bar for data quality because both transactional and master data need to be of high quality to enable decision support in supply chain planning and execution management.

A common “gotcha” of manual supply chain processes is that the people working each link in the food chain constantly scrub the data they receive to make it useful for their purposes. Not only does this not add value, it also becomes a liability when companies try to automate those processes. The delays and distortions caused by serial human intervention cannot be remediated until systems can process data directly and cleanly.

This is where Spinnaker SCA’s Data Governance services can help. Our experts work with your business and technical teams to define required information and measures of quality, then put processes in place to monitor compliance and detect issues. We help you develop a clear understand of what effective data management and governance looks like, interpret your internal level of maturity, and implement comprehensive practices to manage data quality, considering:


  • Data management and governance processes

  • Technology and reporting support

  • Business rules for data validation and suitability to task

  • Organizational roles and responsibilities

  • Defining KPI’s to define compliance and diagnose issues

Spinnaker SCA data governance experts know how to fix data problems and unlock supply chain performance.